We accept Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum as payment. This is fully integrated into the checkout process. Payment addresses for other non-shopping cart transactions are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) at address bc1qq3hkcwprc6fhlzkp646cal759kwq2d8p3rkg0a
  • Monero (XMR) at address 439Ucvvna6RWRnnvDVAc6E5d9dMmn7VTBH43dDUPoLD5fRQ6FzY1gyJaxk6L5192WsHHh4xRbjCZqGXcwKPgot2QQKuL1Rp
  • Ethereum (ETH) at address 0x36454122F49153f2a9C03B21cf7d22fa5A9a8F27

If you have any questions regarding crypto buying from or donations to Mud Season Publishing, email us at